Saturday, November 30, 2013

Deeply Rooted_5 x 6.5" Alcohol Inks_Landscape

Liquid Visions!
Deeply Rooted © Donna Pierce-Clark

Another in my Liquid Visions Series.
Search your inner soul, your inner spirit.
Delve deep into yourself.
How deep are your roots?
What matters to you?
What is the deepest held belief you hold?
echoes our deepest beliefs,
our reason for being.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Night Roots_4.75 x 5.25"_Ink_Landscape

Liquid Visions!
© Donna Pierce-Clark

Third in the Liquid Visions Series, Night Roots 
continues the theme of "roots." 
I hope "Night Roots," alcohol inks on yupo,
will give you pause, and cause you to 
consider your ancestry, and the depths of your own soul.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Peach Earth_3 x 4.75" Ink_Landscape

Alcohol Inks on Yupo!

Peach Earth
[Liquid Visions 2] 
© Donna Pierce-Clark

My second publication of Liquid Visions:  Peach Earth.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

ROOTS_4.75 x 3.5_ink on yupo_landscape

More Yupo Fun! Alcohol Inks on Yupo!

[Liquid Visions 1]
© Donna Pierce-Clark

After purchasing a beautiful painting by June Rollins
I fell in love with her Dreamscapes !
So, of course, I had to give this a try.
ROOTS is the beginning of my new series: Liquid Visions.
Stay tuned!
Much more to come.
But, in the meantime..........

Monday, November 11, 2013

Night Passage_13 x 15" watercolor on yupo_landscape

Studio Fun!
Night Passage
[13 x 15" watercolor on yupo] 
© Donna Pierce-Clark
Night Passage was created as a demo for the Yupo Workshop.
Below are photos of the studio preparations and the motley crew!
Preparations were made well in advance.
Tables, supplies, and handouts were set up, and waiting.
The Studio Beverage Center was well-stocked!
About midway through the second day, students were intensely into their work.
Although painted from the same fall photo, each was uniquely beautiful.
Using a hairdryer from a distance.
Too hot or too close, and yupo can melt.
Table is all set for our scrumptious lunch.
Yes, that's a Christmas tree!
I know, it's not even Thanksgiving, yet!
Each day, by 12 noon, we had worked up quite an appetite.
I so enjoyed preparing not only a unique workshop experience in the studio;
but as well, I loved being creative in the kitchen!
LizzyT was busy, so I managed on my own; but, they were only a text message away,
with wonderful advice to help me present a pleasant experience.
Thanks, gals, for a great time!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fall Reflections_20 x 24"_Watercolor on Yupo_Landscape

Studio Fun!
Fall Reflections
20 x 24" Watercolor on YUPO
© Donna Pierce-Clark
Fall YUPO Workshop
November 8 & 9
FALL REFLECTIONS above is one of the paintings
we will do in our workshop!
All supplies, Lunch and snacks are provided
 in this two day event.
It's loose, it's colorful, and I'm sure there will be much laughter,
amidst a few groans! 
Yupo:  a love-hate relationship for sure!
I enjoy preparing for these events.
I guess I have the holiday spirit!
The trees are up (though not totally decorated),
White twinkly lights are shining and pine-scented candles are burning.
Hot chocolate, or hot cider are brewing.
The oven is astir with new and fun recipes.
Can't wait for our fun!

Below are a few more paintings I have done in yupo.
The house is full of them!
Of all of them, only Bubbly is for sale.
If you see any of the others on the website as for sale, please alert me!
This one won Best of Show 

Look for faces in this one!

This one won First Place.
Look for the frog in this one.

I love our family hikes!


Maddie said I couldn't sell this one!

Some very nice paintings were sold:

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Star Pear_8 x 10 watercolor still life

Back in the Studio!
Star Pear 
© Donna PierceClark

Now, with cooler weather here, my plein air gear is in limbo. 
I'll be doing more work in the studio.
Today's is "Star Pear."
Thanks to Barb, who loaned me the photo.
I love the reflections and the shadows!
This was fun to paint.
was an amazing success!
(photos below)
Everyone that came, left with something they loved.
We all had a great time laughing and visiting.
LizzyT's repast was to die for!!
Yum, I love truffles!
Not only did 6 large paintings fly out the door from our fun raffle,
but several were purchased, and one commission is planned.
Prior to the event, I made all these tags 
for each painting (well over 100).
Four floors of paintings!
The next set of photos is from the entranceway and on into the livingroom:

The one above the piano, to the left, with a dark frame,
is actually Maddie's!
I just love looking at it!
Yes, the kitchen and dining room were full of paintings and
scrumptious goodies as well!
I just didn't get photos of that area.
These on the stairway up from the entryway, to the bedroom area,
are from the Marian Exhibit at UD a couple of years ago.
This one is a partial area of the upstairs hallway.
 Across from the hallway paintings, one can enter the guest bath,
where I have most of my Marblehead, and Block Island paintings:
 Down the hall, the master bedroom.
Many lovely paintings here!
This is just two walls.
There are more!
 Above our dresser,
I have a misty, fog series:
Back downstairs, to the family room, one can see many more!

And, once you get to the bottom most level,
The actual studio space:
Of course, this is all "spiffed up" for Open Studio.
The studio during working hours, is not arrayed 
in such finery!
I hope you enjoyed your little visit!
Please leave your comments below.