Thursday, July 11, 2013

© Donna Pierce-Clark, 2013

Yesterday, a huge and horrific storm blew through the area.
The dog, the laptop, the iPhone and myself
headed for the basement.
I was painting away on this particular painting, but not for long.
Soon, the basement went nearly dark (I had lit a candle just in case).
So, being the driven artist that I am,
I lit a second candle and an oil lamp, just so I could continue painting!
When an artist is on a roll, in the zone,
nothing will stop her!

Hence, the name "Sheltered"was born. 

I'm truly enjoying working in the studio.
It is as joyful an experience as it is to paint outdoors.
They both have their special moments.
These larger pieces will only be on the website (not auctioned)
and hopefully find a good "temporary" home in a gallery some time soon.
From there, who knows where these gems will end up!

As always, thank you for looking!
Love, with paint brushes in hand, 


  1. Beautiful painting Donna.
    Great job on the fabric folds ...

    1. Thanks, Nancy.
      I just love painting fabric folds.
      Wonder where this will lead me???

  2. What a beautiful still life! It must have a special meaning to you, knowing that you did it in the middle of a storm with no power!

  3. It was so funny, I grabbed all the important things I could think of and ran down there!

  4. This is one of the most beautiful bouquets that you have painted.


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