Monday, August 19, 2013

Big Sur Sunset, 8 x 10 oil, seascape

Big Sur Sunset, 8 x 10 oil
© Donna Pierce-Clark
A year ago, Dennis and I drove down Highway 1, CA. 
BIG SUR SUNSET was painted from one of thousands of photos we took.

Our Becky Joy Workshop,
was wonderful, wonderful!  We laughed and laughed!
What else do 17 (age 50+) women do?!
There were 17 of us, from all over the USA, but mostly
from Ohio. Becky is truly a joy to learn from. 
She is laid back and just sweet as she can be.
I hope being exposed to her teaching, 
her expressive brushwork and her knowledge of color will
have an everlasting effect upon my work. 
Her passion for painting and exhilarating color runs deep!

A huge thank you to Becky, Troy Hayner Cultural Center,
Rue Farms, and LizzyT's!!!
The Troy Hayner Cultural Center Staff were just fabulous.
They kept us full of coffee, tea, and a comfortable
place to be.
LizzyT's kept our lunches coming!

Our cook-out / paint-out, on the farm was so pleasant!
Thanks, Rue Farms!!
We made new friends and shored up older friendships.
We made plans for the future, too!
Some of us will be gathering to paint, others
will be taking trips together.
Oh, the joy of painting!
What a life!
Following the workshop, our good friends,
Ray and Marie, treated us to a peaceful time on Indian Lake.
We enjoyed the lake breezes and especially the sunset!
What a fitting way to end the weekend!
And to reconnect with dear, dear friends!

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  1. Sounds delightful. Looking forward to seeing some work from your workshop.


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