Tuesday, September 24, 2013

CUP-A-JOY, 5 x 5 Acrylic on Ampersand Gesso board, Still Life

Day 25
© Donna Pierce-Clark

There are several little stories behind this shiney red cup.
[The History]
This cup was one of my first little "gifts"
 from my first year of teaching in 1971.
That year, I taught Kindergarten for 
Fairlawn Local Schools in the morning;
then, I drove through the countryside, 
to Fairlawn High School 
where I taught Art to grades 9-12.
What an exciting year that was!
I jumped from 5 year olds to 15 year olds!
This cup was a gift from one of the little Kindergarteners.
It had a pair of scissors, pens, pencils, 
and other things in it (for teachers).
I have treasured this cup for many, many years!
At first, it was my "teacher's" cup for my morning tea or coffee.
That lasted for many, many years.
Then, it became a pencil holder and 
graced my desk when I taught in different situations:
Second Grade at Voice for Christ, and at Emmanuel Christian Academy,
Art at Tecumseh High School.
Special Ed in Enon Elementary.
Then, it came home, another pencil holder for 
many years of home-schooling.

[The Present]
Now, this cup sits happily amongst
all of my still life objects.
If he gets lonely, he grabs some brushes or palette knives!
And, for today, he represents my "trying" to
break away from caffeine.
It worked one day (yesterday)!
I got a full night's sleep (last night).
But, he stares at me, this evening, with his
little flower, patiently waiting for me
to paint him.
Go to sleep, little cup.
We'll do something else tomorrow!


  1. This picture speaks to me! How lovely! The colors and all parts are right. Our mother was a green thumb wonder. Irises, roses, peones and lilacs. Man the memories!

    Kathy S.

    1. Ah, Kathy, I'm so happy this has brought back wonderful memories for you!!! Love you! Donna

  2. This is a bright and cheerful painting. Just what I need for this rainy morning here on the west coast. Nice story to go with it.

    1. Thank you, Nancy!
      I'm so glad this brightened your day :)


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