Monday, September 23, 2013

Early Morning Prairie, 2.5 x 3.5 Oil on Canvas, Landscape

Day 23
"Early Morning Prairie" 
© Donna Pierce-Clark

The colors were not very bright, and clouds hung heavy, 
as gentle, brisk winds blew these clouds away.
I was happy to capture the early morning feel of the prairie, 
 because soon the cloud cover gave way to bright blue skies.
But, for the moment, the grey of early morning 
on this Champaign County Prairie
has been frozen in time forever on canvas.
More precious to me than a photo,
canvas captures what photography cannot:
the heart of the artist,
the feel of the moment, 
frozen in time.
A few photos from the actual prairies.

Yep, that is me in the bright blue shirt.
Just beyond me, is Shirley DeLaet.
Although somewhat new to pleinair, 
Shirley is creating some beautiful paintings!
More to come!
Have a great day!


  1. Nice one Donna. Is this a little different style for you? Lovely.
    Love the photo you the two of you painting.

    1. Well, different.........maybe......but, what I think is different is the atmosphere. It was very grey that early am. :)

      Thank you, so much, Nancy!

  2. The art just pops out of this piece. Good style.

    Kathy Schopmeyer


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