Monday, September 9, 2013

GARBRY EVENING, 8 x 10 Oil, Landscape

Day 10
© Donna Pierce-Clark

Yesterday's painting was a study for this one.
I truly love this one!
The addition of Yellow Ochre makes this one "more believable,"
more like the true colors that I was seeing.
Yes, Dennis was fishing!

For a limited time, auction begins at $50.00.
If not sold at auction, GARBRY EVENING 
will then be available for $100.00.


  1. Another serene painting. About how long are you painting when you and hubby go out?

    1. Very interesting question, Nancy.

      This particular little park is a nature preserve, and is very closely monitored by park rangers.

      On this trip, we arrived at 6:00 pm, and were required to leave by 7:55 pm. So, I was set up by 6:15, and packed up at 7:45.

      One and one half hours, two paintings accomplished. I guess that's all prima at its best, yes? Well, at least for me it was!



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