Saturday, September 21, 2013

Prairie Joys, 8 x 10 OIl on Canvas Panel, Landscape

Day 22
Fall colors have begun!
Prairie Joys
© Donna Pierce-Clark

Prairie Joys was done in Champaign County, Ohio, 
where soft rolling hill country goes on and on, for miles and miles.
As members of The Ohio Plein Air Society (OPAS)
painted throughout the day;
our hostess blessed us with such scrumptious sustenance!
In the morning, we were greeted with fresh fruit, coffee, tea, and
some of the best cinnamon rolls ever!
When we grew tired and hungry (painting can be hard work!),
we were treated with a plethora of cheeses, breads,
crackers, more fresh fruit, vegetable trays, sandwiches,
innumerable drink choices,
and of course, many delicious desserts.
At 3:30, we stopped painting for a relaxing critique/social session,
on our hostess's expansive patio, over looking an inviting in-ground pool
and those same rolling hills (over 100's of acres), that we had just re-produced
on canvases of all sizes and media.
Shimmering in the cool fall sunshine;
and freshly done in pastels, oils, or watercolor,
original paintings covered one of several long patio tables.

As we were leaving, plans were being formulated for
follow-up "seasonal" paint-outs on this beautiful landscape.
Thank you, OPAS member, Paul Reif, for planning
such a fun day, and to Debbie Hill, our gracious hostess, for giving
us this lovely opportunity!


  1. Fields of my childhood.

    Kathy Schopmeyer

  2. Looks like a nice calm day ... good for painting. :-)

    1. Yes, it was cool with a slight breeze up on the high hills. Wonderful time!

  3. Lovely, Donna; makes me feel I'm there!

    I've posted a blog post about my limited palette. Hope it explains it well enough!

    1. Thanks, Cindy!
      When did you post the palette blog post?

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks, Sheila! What a beautiful day it was to paint!


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