Thursday, September 19, 2013

Reflections, 7 x 10 watercolor landscape

Day 20

Reflections © Donna Pierce-Clark

Reflections was done as demo Tuesday night, 
for the Beginner Watercolor group at Troy Hayner Cultural Center. 
Beginners, I'm proud of you.
You did a great job! 

This painting was done on the heels of a wonderful dinner out 
with the Advanced Afternoon group. 
Oh, my. I'm having too much fun! 
Thanks, gals, for a scrumptious, healthy meal!
Sorry, you couldn't come with us, Jim.
I guess it turned out to be a "girl's night out."


  1. This is definitely one I like. Your class is blessed to have you as a teacher.

    Kathy Schopmeyer

  2. Oh my ... this has to be my favorite. Really pretty Donna.

    1. Thanks, Nancy.
      Everyone likes this, ............well,..........and I love oils.
      Go figure!

  3. Wow! A powerful painting! The golden setting sun glows against blues and violets!


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