Thursday, September 12, 2013

Spring on Blackhawk, 8 x 10 Oil, Landscape

Day 13
"Spring on Blackhawk"
© Donna Pierce-Clark

This is a studio piece. 
Typically, I have a little bit more time 
to put into a painting that is done in the studio setting.

For Artists

Below, you can see "Spring on Blackhawk" 
only 3/4 of the way finished.
The bottom 4th area of Spring on Blackhawk 
was done with a completely different set of colors.
  • Foregrounds and Backgrounds differ.
  • The background is done in more muted, specifically chosen pigments.
  • To accomplish the effects I desire, I have quite a few colors on my palette!
    • There are background and there are foreground colors.
    • But, using them properly has taken many years of personal study and a few workshops along the way.
    • There are many color-combinations within each of these two groups!
If you love landscape [plein-air or studio] painting and you want to do it with expertise, please see my workshop schedule. Currently, my studio is open on Thursday mornings, from 9 - 12. We are concentrating on landscapes, fun, and color theory.


  1. The Plein Air group sounds good. Wish I could squeeze it in. Life does get complicated.

    1. Oh, Pauline, I'm giving lots of great information during this little session. I hope you'll be able to squeeze it in. Lori is going to sign up,

  2. I didn't know your studio was open every Thursday.
    Lots of nice pastel colors in this painting Donna. Very pretty.

    1. Well, I just started the Thursday thing.
      Today was the official announcement for it, but the "biggie" Open Studio will be later. Still have the house roof to complete!

      The photo is too pale actually, the painting is a bit darker than this :)


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