Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Fall Reflections_20 x 24"_Watercolor on Yupo_Landscape

Studio Fun!
Fall Reflections
20 x 24" Watercolor on YUPO
© Donna Pierce-Clark
Fall YUPO Workshop
November 8 & 9
FALL REFLECTIONS above is one of the paintings
we will do in our workshop!
All supplies, Lunch and snacks are provided
 in this two day event.
It's loose, it's colorful, and I'm sure there will be much laughter,
amidst a few groans! 
Yupo:  a love-hate relationship for sure!
I enjoy preparing for these events.
I guess I have the holiday spirit!
The trees are up (though not totally decorated),
White twinkly lights are shining and pine-scented candles are burning.
Hot chocolate, or hot cider are brewing.
The oven is astir with new and fun recipes.
Can't wait for our fun!

Below are a few more paintings I have done in yupo.
The house is full of them!
Of all of them, only Bubbly is for sale.
If you see any of the others on the website as for sale, please alert me!
This one won Best of Show 

Look for faces in this one!

This one won First Place.
Look for the frog in this one.

I love our family hikes!


Maddie said I couldn't sell this one!

Some very nice paintings were sold:


  1. They are all lovely Donna. I'd be hard pressed to pick a favorite.

    1. Thank you, Nancy!
      I feel the same about your work.
      It is always lovely!


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