Monday, November 11, 2013

Night Passage_13 x 15" watercolor on yupo_landscape

Studio Fun!
Night Passage
[13 x 15" watercolor on yupo] 
© Donna Pierce-Clark
Night Passage was created as a demo for the Yupo Workshop.
Below are photos of the studio preparations and the motley crew!
Preparations were made well in advance.
Tables, supplies, and handouts were set up, and waiting.
The Studio Beverage Center was well-stocked!
About midway through the second day, students were intensely into their work.
Although painted from the same fall photo, each was uniquely beautiful.
Using a hairdryer from a distance.
Too hot or too close, and yupo can melt.
Table is all set for our scrumptious lunch.
Yes, that's a Christmas tree!
I know, it's not even Thanksgiving, yet!
Each day, by 12 noon, we had worked up quite an appetite.
I so enjoyed preparing not only a unique workshop experience in the studio;
but as well, I loved being creative in the kitchen!
LizzyT was busy, so I managed on my own; but, they were only a text message away,
with wonderful advice to help me present a pleasant experience.
Thanks, gals, for a great time!


  1. Looks like a fun and learning workshop. Nice to see all the photos that go along with it.

    1. We did laugh!! For two days!

      Thanks, Nancy, for your help!! And your encouragement!

  2. You have such joy in your art, it brings joy to your fans.



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