Wednesday, December 25, 2013

12 Days of Christmas (Day 12)......oh, no, the last day!

12 Days of Christmas (Day 12)......oh, no, the last day!

Our Final Day!
Today's Gift
An Original Watercolor!
(you will be surprised and pleased)
Please answer 
3 Questions
If you took part in this 12 Days of Christmas:
  1. What was your favorite question?
  2. What was Your favorite painting?
  3. What would you change about this experience? (suggestions appreciated)....I might want to do this again!!  It was fun for me!


  1. Favorite Question? the ones that brought back memories...special the romantic and most memorable. I really enjoyed the story you shared about that special Christmas.

    Favorite Painting? That is hard...I love your paintings! But, my favorite was the poinsettia - because I love them.

    What would I change? There were some technical difficulties, but I know you know that. I really enjoyed this, it has challenged me to produce MORE art in 2014 - AND I was looking forward to each day, what was the question, what could I share, and what was the gift?

    Donna, this was GREAT fun! Merry Christmas to you, and may 2014 be a beautiful painting by the brushstrokes of God!

    1. Thanks, Christi!
      I loved hearing your stories as well. Thanks so much for sharing with us. I'm SO excited that you are inspired to paint! Speaking of that, in the next post, I'll talk about THE HUNGER. It relates to our drive to paint, to produce, to create and the drive behind it all. You'll love that story!!

      Yes, there were some "glitches," but hopefully, that is all worked out now. I certainly learned: never change the process in the middle of a series!!! What was I thinking??
      A lot of people like that poinsettia painting! It sold this year at the OPEN STUDIO. What a great time that was!

  2. My favorite question asked us to share about a happy, joyful time in our lives. That gave me a much needed boost to look back into some happy memories. Day 9 was my favorite painting. Love the glorious flowers you do. As for what I might change, maybe ask those who comment to share your blog on their social networks to bring in more readers. There aren't as many commenters as I expected. Maybe ask them to share with a specific hashtag that you'll look for and consider in choosing your winner.

    1. Thanks, Cindy!
      I'm glad you enjoyed this; I did too!
      Thank you for your suggestions!! If you would like to PM some specifics on this, I'd like to incorporate your suggestions.


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