Tuesday, December 17, 2013

12 Days of Christmas (Day 6)

DAY 6_12 Days of Christmas

Winners for our first five days are listed below.
PLEASE email me with your contact information,
so I can send your gift to you! 
I'll need an address please.
Day 1.........Christi Wildman
Day 2 ........Barb Sailor
Day 3.........Cindy Osborne
Day 4 ........Marie Reinhard (a Face book entry)
Day 5 ........Alisa Burke

Today's Gift is
a bookmark and a notecard
of this painting from the Marian Series:
"Innocence in a Dark World."
Mary knew that one day, she would have to give up her son.
But, for this brief time, she would hold him close to her heart.
To receive today's FREE GIFT,
in the comment section below, please tell 
about something in your life that was
very hard to give up. Tell how you knew that
by giving up, you would actually gain more.


  1. I fixed how to leave a comment. it's easier now.

  2. I am going to do this backwards. What I gained by the sacrifice of another. I gained a beautiful daughter by the sacrifice of the woman who gave her up for adoption. I too was adopted and always thought this was the ultimate sacrifice. Thank you to our birth mothers.

    1. Backwards works! What a beautiful, beautiful story!! Thank you!

  3. I like this one because its so peaceful. Good job Donna. Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings.

  4. The hardest thing for me to give up was expectations in people. I was always trying to draw from people what I needed and was continually disappointed. Letting go of people and looking only to Jesus to meet my emotional needs has made a huge difference in my relationships. I can now enjoy everyone I meet and love them just as they are.

  5. The hardest thing I have had to give up was my expectations in people. Freeing people to not have to meet my needs has vastly improved my relationships. I am able to enjoy everyone I meet because I am not looking to them to "fix" me.

    1. Or for you to fix them :) Thank you, Rosalind. I'm learning to give up my own expectations this year!

  6. My favorite Christmas flower-
    Each year we buy an amaryllis bulb in November and bring the dry brown thing home to plant. Later the little green shoot emerges and often sits there for days before it starts a long climb upward. The first amaryllis for our family was placed behind a manger scene. When the beautiful bloom opened over the manger our toddler was delighted the star (red amaryllis) had come to visit us and the baby Christ. So many analogies (dead dry bulb comes to life/wise following star/etc.) related to this story that our family keeps the tradition and enjoys the beauty each year.

    1. Beautiful story, Ruth! Thank you so much for sharing. Donna :)

  7. This is the one I was unable to comment on for some crazy reason. It's working now though!!!
    All the love!


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