Sunday, December 15, 2013

12 Days of Christmas_Day 4 FREE Give-A-Way

12 Days of Christmas_Day 4 FREE Give-A-Way

Today's FREE Give-A-Way:  
a note card of Poinsettia Sunrise.
DAY 1:   Christi
DAY 2:    Barb Sailor
Please email me, girls, and include 
your home address so I can send your gift!
To receive the Poinsettia Sunrise notecard gift, 
in the comments below (or email me), and tell me
what YOUR favorite Christmas flower is, and why.
Please do not use "anonymous." 
I need to know who you are 
so I can send you today's
(if your name is chosen)!


  1. Poinsettia... FOR so many Reasons. ..
    A very Strong stem for a flower - it is hard to kill!
    Needs care to bloom - it only blooms in certain conditions
    The "blooms" are actually no different than the green leaves, they have just grown "for such a time as this" and therefore are specialized.
    This red plumage draws fertilizing focus to the golden crown, to bring forth fruit.
    The fertilized stamen that grows into a seed. ...I think. ... needs special care to grow into fruit. .. like the seed from the sower. the ability to grow depends on the type of soil in which it is planted!
    And then we are back to needing care and nurture to be bloom where it's planted, and to produce fruit.
    A story of living the Christian life.
    If I could, I would surround myself with poinsettias every Christmas!


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