Monday, December 16, 2013

DAY 5_12 Days of Christmas

Day 5 of 12 Days of Christmas

This morning, I would like to share a short but true story with you. 

When I was a sophomore in college, I met a family I fell in love with. They had 7 children and very little money, but they always found something to be happy about, and always something to give to someone on special occasions. One day I went to visit, and the oldest sister (a dear friend of mine), told me it was her younger sister's birthday that day. Her sister was a down syndrome child of 7. She was the sweetest little girl, always full of smiles and hugs. I looked into her twinkly little eyes and asked, "What did you get for your birthday?" Her older sister said proudly: "She got a birthday cake!" My dear friends, that is all she got, but the entire family was overjoyed. I realize many of us in this country are suffering in one way or another, but let's all be thankful for each other, for our health, and whatever else we have been blessed with. 

This is Day 5 of the
12 Days of Christmas Free Give-A-Way. 
Todays's Gift is a beautiful notecard of one of my rose paintings last year:

Teardrops and Rosebuds

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Please tell me about Your Most Romantic Christmas!  

Or, maybe you would like to tell a similar story as the one I just told you?


  1. I reverted to the original system of leaving comments. I hope you all like this better now; I do!! Thanks for your patience!

  2. I left a email reply. I will try here to see how it works.
    The date was Dec 27th,1969. A low pressure system brings lots of snow during Christmas break. I was married two days after Christmas with a honeymoon in WI Dells. What to do in the winter? Well, we went snowmobiling, walks in the snow through the woods, romantic dinners, and holding hands by the fire. Than it was back to college.

  3. I posted my most romantic Christmas under day favorite Christmas memory. So, here's the next romantic Christmas, with a twist like YOUR story.

    We were the family that didn't have much, in the early years of children, and I was always amazed at how God would orchestrate things that would provide gifts for the children, and evidences of HIS love for us. We eat Pizza on Christmas Eve, because when we had little food, a 13# box of pepperonis lasted for 2 years - and even though we didn't have much, we could make pizza dough and invite people over...and they would bring all the ingredients, except the pepperonis. When Jim got his first 'real' supporting job...we hit the bottom of the box!

    The romance was sitting with Jim, after the kids had gone to bed, with all the lights off, looking at the tree, covered with memory and Bible symbols all over it, lit up, and sparkling. We would discuss the past year, and pray over the next year. I love just sitting, next to my honey, watching the lights sparkle. I love praying with my husband. A great way to finish Christmas Eve, and welcome Christmas morning.

    The lights on the tree remind me that Jesus is the light, and even in the darkness, His light can shine through. Even when it seems to blink off and on...His current is still running through.

    1. OH, again, Christi, you have shared a beautiful story!!! Thank you!!

  4. Such a wonderful touching story at this time of year. Giving us pause to be thankful for the things we take for granted.


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