Monday, January 6, 2014

Big Sur 2_5 x 6.25"_mixed_landscape

January 30 in 30
Liquid Visions
[Alcohol Inks on Yupo]
January 7, 2014
Big Sur 2 © Donna Pierce-Clark

We loved our trip to the California Coast!
I loved painting there!!!
Big Sur is something not to miss!!
Have you been to this area of California?
Where else have you visited?
What is your favorite place to visit?
To paint?
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  1. Your ink on Yupo reminds me of textile dye patterning. I used to do textiles and was interested in how the dye moved through the fabric, and what happy accidents occurred. It's much less controlled than painting with a brush.

    1. Thanks, Laurel. That is interesting. Did you dye silk?

  2. Another pretty one Donna. Interesting sky with those colors … Great color combinations.

    1. Thank you, Nancy.
      These inks are strong in color!


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