Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sand 'n Surf_5 x 7_mixed_landscape

January 30 in 30
Liquid Visions
[Alcohol Inks on Yupo]
January 6, 2014
Sand 'n Surf © Donna Pierce-Clark

It is thrilling to stand on the edge of the ocean.
I'm always amazed at how the ocean knows its boundaries.
This huge mass of liquid, knows it only can go so far.
Day after day, the tides come and go, but
always a balance is maintained.
The waves come in one after the other, lapping at the sands on a peaceful beach.
Or they crash one upon the other, pounding the cliffs,
and splashing high into the air.
But, there is always that illusive boundary;
though that line shifts slightly, from hour to hour,
it remains.
There is dry ground.


  1. I definitely see the sand and surf in this one. Good job Donna.

    1. Thanks, Nancy!
      Glad to see you are getting the blog now! (again, but in a different format)


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