Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Just You & Me, Babe_10 x 8 inch Oil, Still Life

Just You & Me, Babe © Donna PierceClark
This was just a little challenge to myself, an exercise in opposites:  reds, pinks and greens.
I like challenging myself to do glass and reflected objects as well.
This one was fun to do the green dots on the pink fabric as seen through the green glassware.
Below are a few steps along the way
My first challenge to myself was to get the drawing just right.

The second challenge was to mix and apply just one color at a time.
One color, then one stroke.
Then, on to another area of the painting.
One color, then one stroke.


Once a few local colors were established, the next step was to
start finding and applying "mixes" of the two complimentary colors:
reds and greens. Then, I started a bit of blending.
You can click on any of these photos and make them much larger, so you can see details!
Have fun!


  1. What an amazing talent you have my friend!

    Love it, you.



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