Friday, September 20, 2013

Clouds, 11 x 14 Oil on Canvas Panel, Landscape

Day 21
CLOUDS © Donna Pierce-Clark

"Clouds" was created as another demo for the
Thursday Plein-Air Group. What a nice group!
Each person created their own version of clouds.
If a student painting is "just like mine," I have failed as an art teacher.
They each absorbed techniques and color mixing "recipes,"
 then applied them in their own personal brushstrokes.
Landscape Color Theory is all about making objects recede into 
the background, and go "way" back into space,
while simultaneously tricking the eye
into believing that the objects 
in the foreground are really "in your face!"
This helps the viewer to "feel like" they are "in the picture!"
What a wonderful thing to be able to do:
giving the viewer the joy of stepping inside of your world!
Wanna join us?
Space is limited!
Join now, while the weather is still somewhat warm.
But, seriously, when it gets colder,
we will just bundle up
and brave it!!
So, stay tuned for some 
"snow" scenes!!
The Reception at the Bank last night was a great success!
Although neither myself, my granddaughter, nor Rebecca sold much, my private student,
Catherine had sold three paintings by the time I left last evening.
She may have sold more after I left.
I'm so proud of my friends, my granddaughter and Catherine.
The food was absolutely amazing (thank you, Rebecca!).
As always, it was so nice to see friends and family that came to view paintings and visit.
Thank you all for coming!
Hopefully, I'll have some photos for you tomorrow!
Have a wonderful day!


  1. Looks like a lot of rain in those clouds. Nice Donna!

    1. You bet, Nancy. Ohio has just had quite a bit of rain!

      Thank you so much; I so enjoyed painting this one!

  2. Nice sky. Ours was that pretty too.
    Good work.

    Kathy Schopmeyer

    1. We do have gorgeous cloud formations in this area, don't we, Kathy!

      Thanks for your comment.

      Love you! Donna


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